The Gender Dysphoria Series

Part One

“My earliest memory of school is of playing in a kindergarten classroom, we were all playing restaurant and everyone around me was having a blast. The only thought in my head as I busily worked to make imaginary pancakes was “it’s an apron, it’s a big frilly pink apron, all chefs wear them”

You see, my mother had the gall to shove me in a dress.”

Part Two

“Most people when asked what gender dysphoria is can usually tell you (at the very least) that it has something to do with transition and transgender people but that is about the end of it. Today we are going to make well informed readers of each and every one of you as we discuss the general definition of gender dysphoria, what it is, and what it is not.”

Part Three

“Hello all you wonderful readers out there, today is the third in our gender dysphoria series and today we are talking about common beliefs. That is to say, as the title suggests, myth versus truth.

Now if I wanted to be cute I would probably have said “myth versus fact – the tranny way to the truth” but seeing as how I am trying to debunk some of the misinformation surrounding gender dysphoria I forgo cuteness in favor of plain language. Because, while I am a transsexual, a fact that would make the aforementioned cute statement a viable thing, gender dysphoria IS NOT transsexuality as so many believe.”

Part Four
Part Five

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