– A Message From The Unmuffled Mind –

I am just your everyday, average activism based/queer/transgendered, highly opinionated gay nutcase with a computer and some english skills who decided to try taking the blogosphere by storm. No, it isn’t going to be what you expected, nor will it ever be. I have fun with my life and I hope this blog brings a little fun to yours as well 🙂




Erik Hvaal, (also known as the unmuffled mind behind the Muttered Musings blog) first set paper to pen some fifteen years ago. A published author and poet, he now works as a freelance writer and security guard in Nanaimo B.C. Erik first turned his hand to drag queening and activism in his teens and after a number of years in the performance and writing worlds plus a gender reassignment (or half of one at least….damn genderqueer greediness) it became inevitable that the two great loves of his life would collide.

The Muttered Musings Of An Unmuffled Mind first became a twinkle in Erik’s eye when it became apparent that the old ways of activism were no longer as effective with the new technology focused/hands off mindset of the bulk of the world’s population. Erik began to consider ways and means to engage young budding activists, genderqueers and other varieties of human in an attempt to restore the flagging interest in the traditional gay activism scene, promote free thinking and generally just be a loudmouth

Muttered Musings Of An Unmuffled Mind publishes Tuesday through Sunday all 12 months of the year and is always open to reader topic suggestions. Send your ideas or requests to leatherboiproductions@gmail.com or you can contact the author through Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/erik.hvaal or Twitter at https://twitter.com/#!/boiblayde

RSS feeds can be found  at http://feeds.feedburner.com/unmuffledmind

  1. Hey. I just realized you put us on your Blogroll so we linked to you too! 🙂

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