A New Chapter, A Refurbished Career and A Whole New World

Posted: 04/30/2013 by erichblayde in Drag Queen

Hello again dear readers! I thought that I should probably sit down and tell you a little about what is happening in the life of ye olde unmuffled mind. Since I moved back to Vancouver a lot has happened. At first it was the usual work work work, life life life routine, but in early March I made a decision that, although it seemed trifling at first, changed everything. I chose to re-enter the drag world and compete in the Mr/Miss Cobalt drag competition. At first I thought it would be an interesting sojourn from my daily life and nothing more., but from the moment I stepped on the stage I had a feeling this was going to be different.

It wasn’t until my elimination in the second week that I realized how different things really were. I had forgotten how much I loved performing and I started to realize that having taken a near three year hiatus had changed me as a performer. I felt stronger in myself and more powerful in my stage persona. On the night of my elimination I found that, while I felt sadness at not continuing on, something new was already brewing inside of me, something that made the competition pale in comparison.

I found my heart again.

Really I hadn’t even known I’d lost it. Or perhaps I never truly had a full grasp of it until that moment but in the weeks that followed I found my previous interests slipping away little by little to reveal a new dimension in my personality that I hadn’t known was there. The weeks since the competition have been filled with challenges that at times have felt completely overwhelming, but as I moce through them I am struck by this feeling that lingers just below the surface. A feeling that I have found a stage to my journey I never thought possible and a feeling of becoming more and more aware of things I wasn’t before.

With all that said dear readers it is now time to tell you I will be officially closing down the muttered musings blog within two weeks in favor of a blog hosted on my new website leadastray.net46.net (coming soon) As I am also beginning to travel later in the spring to do a series of drag shows in Canada and in the southern US posts to the new blog may be spotty (what else is new?) but I encourage you to sign up and follow me there to see where this next evolution will take me.

I also encourage you to follow your dreams…no matter how much adversity you encounter. Because you are worth it!

  1. Theresa says:

    Wonderful!! Look forward to getting your performance schedule and joining the new blog.

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