An Evolution Of Drag

Posted: 12/05/2012 by Glitzy in Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence
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I hadn’t really thought of drag as having levels before, even though many in Vancouver’s drag community told me I was “too extreme for mainstream.” I always thought of that classification as being a personal declaration and that drag was drag, be it good bad or ugly.

Following my introduction to the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, I persisted in this belief of drag as a “non-denominational” art form, classifying the Sisters as just another embodiment of a beautiful thing. And indeed they are that without doubt. But when I began to contemplate joining their ranks of beauty I started to wonder about the “look”. What would I do if given the freedom to eschew the need to “pass”?

Sadly my creative mind seemingly ran into a wall at this point and I saw nothing but my usual cadre of drag look essentials. Taking this as further proof of my one drag theory I dismissed the thoughts and continued onwards along the path that would eventually see me declare my aspirancy to the Abbey Of The Long Cedar Canoe in September 2012.

The thought of drag (nun or other) did not reenter my head until a week and a half before my first event as an aspirant, and when I started truly contemplating what to wear for the event I was once again stymied. Here I was doing something I had done a thousand times before, yet suddenly it wasn’t the same comforting, familiar routine as I remembered. This was uncomfortably new and decidedly different. There were no holds barred this time, glitter, extravagance, overemphasized femininity coupled with masculine overtones reigned supreme but in the end the only firm rule for aspirants was you went without the sisters trademark wimples and white face.

It was then that I realized that, although drag is drag there are levels. And this queen was about to discover a new one.

It started slowly with a lot of false beginnings and odd side trips into my dream world of things I always wished I could do “one day”. Suddenly it occurred to me that every day I manifest the glitter drag nun within is a “one day”. It’s no longer about creating a “look” but expressing my dreams and my joy to the world.

That first look had a lot of help from the traditional drag queen in my head, but in the end it turned into a thing of its own, a beautiful, fully realized expression of my inner strength that was not only comfortable to wear but that upon further glance spoke volumes about the soul contained within its PVC confines. Adorned in sparkling red AIDS ribbons, face awash in glitter and rhinestones I left the traditions of my craft behind and became a living ode to a journey that, while still in its infancy, is already having a resounding impact.

There have been a few more looks since that first explosion of glitter. Experimentation has reigned supreme, imagination has been let loose to run roughshod over anything it wants, but in the end all the various manifestations have had one profound similarity.

They weren’t created by a person attempting to achieve an end, but by a heart reveling in a newfound world full of freedom, joy and self-expression.

  1. Theresa says:

    would love to see pictures.

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