Unconsionable (Version 2.0)

Posted: 08/11/2012 by erichblayde in Activism, Queer Rights, Trans Rights, Transphobia
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Hello again dear readers! Well my last posting seems to have ignited a veritable firestorm in my little hometown and I thought I ought to update you on the madness.

Shortly after publishing my original post and sending a letter to the pride society president regarding the unfortunate comments made by a local Pride society board member, I received a reply thanking me for my letter and letting me know he was now aware of the issue and was going to speak to the involved member and to the board in general and get back to me. There were a few parts of the letter I could have argued about, including the helping trans people with respect bit at the end, but really it was written in good spirits and I understand that education takes time. It’s why we proposed a workshop….eventually they will see the little foul ups and be educated against making them in the future, I have full confidence in that, so there is no reason to completely batter an intrinsically good human into the ground on the first go 🙂 After all, at least he’s willing to try

Besides, I was a little busy having another board member attacking the shit out of me on my Facebook wall. And not on a link to the blog either…..just on my general wall….got to love it

Oh wait….he did say in his first volley “and im just speaking as myself and not for my board members” So I guess that makes his statement of “I think you are slandering the board for a private talk that you had on the ph with this person about the topic that YOU brought up in the first place .
the person was having an open chat not knowing much about it and was just trying to understand the topic about it the person not knowing that you needed something to write about on your blog WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION
other wise everyone around you better watch what they say around you because you will take it out of context and post it” completely true and perfectly ok then doesn’t it? And that’s neverminding all the other tripe he’s spat since then. But it’s his personal opinion that I am a lying asshole out to get everyone and since he’s speaking for himself (while referencing details of a conversation he was never a part of) attacking me on a social network is totally fine

Ummm….not quite. But of course there is one in every crowd.

There is also always that incredibly sweet person in most crowds. You know, the one that sends you loving messages telling you it really wasnt ok what happened and that they hope they never offended you….gotta love that person. Makes the hurtful one seem a little less crazy.

So I guess the basic update is this, the board is meeting preliminarily today to talk about things, I expect a reply back before Tuesday letting me know the preliminary discussion etc. One person associated with the organization but speaking for themselves is going crackers on my facebook and telling the world how I bent this situation to my own uses and how I am lying about it all and totally played his completely innocent friend like a bloody fiddle (I have no idea how to play a fiddle btw) and one person associated with the organization but speaking for themselves is sending me love and support via email. And of course, my INCREDIBLE trans and genderqueer brothers and sisters are climbing out of the ruddy (that one was for you “guitar girl”!) woodwork to share this story and let the world know that this is NOT ok

Because this level of ignorance regarding the most basic of human rights is never ok. And trust me….it WILL be fixed. So please, share this post and the original on your blogs, your facebooks, your twitters and your tumblrs. Add me on Facebook and stand together with organizations such as the Trans Alliance Society to help educate the world against this type of behavior.

Sure, these actions I have mentioned are small, but many small actions can and WILL lead to a world where trans and genderqueer people of all persuasions can live peacefully, confident that their rights will be respected and they will never again have to deal with hearing such inappropriate tripe from a member of their own community.








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