Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Posted: 08/01/2012 by erichblayde in Gay Pride
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Right! It is 0309 in the morning and rather than being asleep like I should be, I am in quite the fuss my wonderful readers. Why, you ask? Well you see Vancouver Pride is just around the corner and the ever lucky little me just so happens to be leaving on Thursday to go to….you guessed it. VANCOUVER!

Unfortunately what I seemingly failed to understand is this.

I need to arrive in Vancouver quite early as I have an appointment and several other things to accomplish. So on Monday I checked the ferry schedule and selected a 0620 am departure time. I arranged my ride to the ferry and concocted a plan. I would come home from work Wednesday night, pack my bag, grab a few hours of sleep and then prepare to travel to lovely Vancouver for this most wonderful of weekends. This all being planned I smiled happily to myself and moved on to the next task on my list – calling my scheduler to thank her for booking me for a 12 hour shift from 1800 Wednesday to 0600 Thursday (I find when you thank them they tend to do it more often and quite frankly, at the pittance they pay me, overtime is a pretty nice treat)

See the problem yet? I damn well didn’t

Fast forward to Tuesday night, I am at work, talking to a friend (incidentally the fellow giving me the ride) and I happened to mention something about having to leave my place at 0600 on Thursday morning to ensure I made my boat.


Ohhhh shit-biscuits…..I’m not coming home on Wednesday night….I have that damnable 12 hour shift. YIKE!

Hence I am now sitting in my kitchen waiting for my laundry to wash so I can set it to dry and get packed because someone forgot they were working idiot hours…whoops. The thing of it is I can’t even be mad because I am just so bloody excited by the upcoming Pride celebrations that nothing seems to bring me off my cloud.

Thus I have decided to reshape the theme of the Muttered Musings to as much rainbow as I can for the next 5 days and to set up a page on this little corner of blogdom that shares as much of the immense pride I am feeling at this moment as possible. Therefore I proudly present to you the Muttered Musings newest page Somewhere Over The Rainbow – A Collection Of Gay Pride Pictures And Quotes.


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