how to make love to a trans* person

Posted: 07/28/2012 by erichblayde in Reblogs
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*Warning for sexual content.

**This is not mine. I do not know who Gabe Moses is, but I could have written this. I love the part about “dressings on a trauma patient”.  And this is just one of those things that needs to be read.

How To Make Love to a Trans Person

by Gabe Moses

Forget the images you’ve learned to attach

To words like cock and clit,

Chest and breasts.

Break those words open

Like a paramedic cracking ribs

To pump blood through a failing heart.

Push your hands inside.

Get them messy.

Scratch new definitions on the bones.

Get rid of the old words altogether.

Make up new words.

Call it a click or a ditto.

Call it the sound he makes

When you brush your hand against it through his jeans,

When you can hear his heart knocking on the back of his teeth

And every…

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