“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”

– Winston Churchill –

Much like a tortoise has the ability to tuck the soft squishy bits behind layers of armour, and use its heavy shell to bull through adverse situations, I have always had the protective cover of a drag queen’s attitude to throw at those who are in opposition of a viewpoint I endorse, but recently I have begun a habit of (at least) attempting to hear what my opposite number is saying.

A recent posting I came across on the Gender Reality blog regarding the BDSM controversy in Vancouver that was a far cry from my own rather vehement opinion, only served to validate this concept. Despite an instinctive urge to tear the article apart, I really took the time to sit down and think about what I wanted to say to the author, rather than just removing the blog from my blogroll on account of its misunderstanding of several concepts I feel are most important in the ongoing discussion about this kink nightmare that has arisen from a simple picture being in the wrong place when the wrong eyes came by.

Further to this, the author displayed what I felt was a complete dismissal and unacceptance of gender variation as evidenced by several comments made at the start of the blog, that showed to me that, like the tortoise, my armour of attitude is not entirely impervious.

Genderplay and drag has always been a sore spot with me as many many people have been unaccepting of my own FtM trans/drag queen leanings, and these comments bit deeper than I had expected. But I managed to remain the intellectual creature that I am coming more and more to like these days and actually consider the authors point of view before sitting down to comment.

I think that until I reach my next incarnation, I shall value the strength and slow-moving progress of the tortoise, for although I am effective in conflict, sometimes I am more effective in learning.

Even the slowest progression is better than a standstill.


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