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**AUTHORS NOTE** Everything in the proceeding article is my own personal opinion and representation and is in no way to be taken as the be all and end all of this subject. I have done my best to be completely factual however this situation is a total cesspool. As well, as a kinkster myself with nearly a decade in the Vancouver kink community it’s hard to be unbiased so please note that the opinions and representations within are mine and mine alone and in no way represent the views of the Vancouver community

Once again scandal rocks the Lower Mainland kink community as a Coquitlam RCMP officer is found to have posted some rather racy pictures on the website Fetlife, a BDSM lifestyle website.

And I am honestly at a bloody loss over it all. What a mess this one is.

Long story really short, a Coquitlam police officer who just so happens to be kinky posted several photos to Fetlife  some of which (allegedly) depicted a man holding a knife to a woman’s throat and standing with his boot on the back of another woman (or possibly the same one) encased in saran wrap  (I don’t actually know anyone who has seen the damn things so I neither confirm nor deny their supposed content) . The detachment commander caught wind of this and after a chat with legal deemed it a “non-issue” as the gentleman in question did not, in any way depict or make any attempt to portray himself as an officer of the RCMP in the pictures, they were merely a graphic reminder of a consensual kink scene between consenting adults. No crime had been committed, no injury had been done (excepting of course those that had been previously negotiated for the scene). Essentially it was deemed a “no harm, no foul” situation.  End of story.

Or at least it should have been

Enter stage left Mr Ian Mulgrew, a reporter with the Vancouver Sun and (in my very biased opinion) ruddy idiot who seemingly could not take the time to verify anything or talk to anyone else from the kink community before rushing off to the press with an extremely slanted “expose” style puff piece completely lambasting the poor officer in question. Mulgrew hit hard from the first paragraph with this sensational hook:

“An RCMP code-of-conduct inquiry is underway into a Mountie who played a bit part in the investigation into serial killer Robert Pickton and appeared on an Internet website posing in sexually explicit torture images reminiscent of the pig-farmer’s crimes”

Got your attention didn’t it?

No mention of the fact this is on a website that promotes a consensual erotic lifestyle. No mention that these images are part of a kink genre called abduction play (or edge play depending on who you ask) No mention of the officer’s having voluntarily removed his profile after concerns were raised that he had shown his face. No mention this wasn’t on company time, that this was his private fucking life. Just a sensationally misguided bunch of bullshit meant to sell papers. Mulgrew continues throughout the article in the same devil-may-care style dropping this gem in the very next paragraph:

“appears to wear only his regulation-issue Mountie boots and an erection as he wields a huge knife and a bound naked woman cringes in terror”

Ummm…..can you say STAGED?!?!

Mulgrew goes on to quote a Mike Webster whom he alleges has “had a career counselling police officers and advising departments, including the RCMP” Counselling and advising them in what capacity or field exactly? Cotton fucking candy? (Cite your sources and their proper credentials asshole.) The mysterious Webster agreed completely with Mulgrew (what a fucking shock) saying that the degradation of women found in the images raised “serious concerns” Webster was also quoted it the article as saying “The fact that Mr. Brown could engage in these activities without considering current attitudes toward this type of behaviour indicates to me that his empathetic abilities are impaired,”

Ex-fucking-scuse me? Say what? Fuck you and your attitude you snot-nosed arrogant prick, why the hell should this man hide in some fucking closet because the “majority” of people are too shit-stick-stupid to fucking realize that some people do things differently in the damn bedroom?! (I thought Trudeau covered this already?) Saying that he shouldn’t have engaged in his lifestyle of choice because of what people think about it is paramount to saying I shouldn’t transition because the “current attitude” towards it isn’t fucking perfect, or that Anderson Cooper is a sociopathic wing nut for coming out of the closet. And aren’t you supposed to be trained as a “counsellor” to keep your fucking opinion to yourself? Nevermind the fact that their is no clinical reasoning that would ever state that because someone chose to live their life the way they wanted, in a safe and consensual manner, with like minded individuals, that their empathy is affected in any way!

Then it gets ugly.

Mulgrew had the bloody balls to go to the lawyer who represented the DTES community groups at the Pickton (notorious serial asswipe Robert “Willie” Pickton aka the pig farm killer) inquiry, show him the fucking photos and elicit a controversy as best he could.

The only bright spot in the entire article came when Superintendant Wilcott took a swipe at Mulgrew’s blatant sensationalism in stating that to “associate this to a more than decade old investigation into a serial killer … is an incredible leap. If you would like to check back with me in a couple weeks I may be in a better position to provide more information as I expect the investigation to be submitted to me in the near future.” Not perfect but certainly a step in the right direction.

Unfortunately, since the article went to print, the only fair description I can give of the current situation in Vancouver is to tell you that I honestly don’t know where it’s going but it seems to be traveling by handbasket

A simple google search of the words “pickton” RCMP” and “BDSM” brings forth dozens of entries, all with conflicting facts, controversial view points and (in some notable cases) utter bullshit hypotheses ranging from, he intentionally tried to mimic Pickton’s crimes, to, he partied at Piggy’s Palace (Pickton’s illegal after hours tonk), to, he might have been Pickton’s silent partner.

Say WHAT?!?!

The man got a tip, as police officers sometimes do, that one Robert Pickton was slap ass crazy and into some very hinky shit which might have something to do with all the women missing from Vancouver’s downtown east side. He telephoned the Vancouver Police Department who was heading up the missing women task force and passed the info along. He also happened to be kinky, into edge play and perhaps a little dumb when it comes to posting pictures and not clicking the correct privacy settings.


Where the fuck do you get that he is a murdering psychopathic lulu from that? And how fucking dare you throw even more mud on such a tragic thing as the missing women of Vancouver? Like the friends and families who lost loved ones haven’t been through enough without now having to wonder if there is another freakazoid running around?

We all know that kink is a funny legal grey area that police and government tend to swipe at occasionally but honestly this has gone too fucking far. The officer in question is now on admin duty while a code of conduct inquiry takes place, he has had his name thrown into the public eye and thoroughly trashed, smashed and slandered, not to mention that information is now coming to light that it might not even have been him in the fucking pictures!

The grand total is this “The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation” – Pierre Trudeau

So unless you like being handcuffed, beaten, cut, pierced, burned, or willingly degrading yourself, just stay the fuck out!


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