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Posted: 06/06/2012 by erichblayde in Happenings, The Week In Review
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Often it seems there’s a dozen little happenings that occur throughout the day that, while not of a magnitude to command an entire blog entry of their own, are none the less extremely blog worthy. So I think I shall start a new Saturday Muttered Musings tradition and post a review blog each week (incidentally, the Sunday Rants and Raves tradition I started…the one that flopped after only one week. That’s coming back as of tomorrow)

So with no further frumptous filibustering let us embark dear readers, upon the deck of the good ship, Review.


Saturday, Saturday. Well ok, nearly every day has an occurrence of blog worthy material, but if anything blog worthy happened today I haven’t the foggiest what it was (note to self – make notes next week)


Oh jeez, again? Why the devil do I not have the foggiest clue what happened today (bad blogger!) I swear I really do have an interesting life…I just don’t seem to remember a lot of it


Ah ha! Monday, Monday…..DAMMIT! Next!


Ah, the first day of my new posting for work. I have replaced a guard who has been on this site for the last year or more, so I have spent the day answering the question “Hey, where’s ****” (really what would these people have done if I didn’t actually know **** personally and had no answer to their query? Perhaps I should start answering the question with “Who?”) Thankfully they all seem to be lovely folk (and I am pretty sure the barber is a friend of Dorothy) so this should be much fun


Another day of work followed by coffee with a person who is fast attaching himself to the Unkie Blayde’s Fave People list, the newly minted My Buddy. (I am not so sure Tim Hortons downtown location will ever recover from that fright) after a delightful hour of rather rebellious (and at times overly loud) queerness it was off home to continue smacking the newly minted BC Network of Trans Resources and Advocacy into some semblance of order


The enormous effect a tiny kindness can have always astounds me. A simple please, hello or thank you can carry more weight than a thousand shouted words ever would. Kindness weighed on my mind this afternoon as I was on my way home. Now most Nanaimo bus drivers will make you stand out in the weather whilst they park their bus and run in to the drivers shack for a cuppa in the nice warmth and dryness. So it came as a shock to the other passenger and myself when the driver actually waved us over and informed us that although she was leaving the bus to go to the drivers room we were more than welcome to board now and wait in the bus where it was warmer and drier than outside. This drivers simple act of caring for the comfort of her passengers put both of us in a good mood and we had a rather pleasant chat about manners and random acts of kindness while we waited for the drivers return (here I go with that friendly thing again) Later on in the ride I walked up to thank the driver for allowing us some small comfort and was shocked again when she in turn thanked me rather profusely for taking the time to provide her a little positive encouragement. I sat back down feeling decidedly hopeful towards humanity and was almost immediately forced to listen rather bemusedly to the conversation of two university students who were bound and determined to find something negative in absolutely everything (without meaning to be in the least bit offensive I must say it was somewhat understandable though still not excusable. You see, both the individuals in question were what can best be described as “people of size” and given how nastily a large portion of society treats folks whose bodies are outside societal “ideals” I think nearly anyone would develop a bad attitude.) The fates decided to intervene at that moment however and provided a haven for my hopes. The drivers radio kicked to life (and let me tell you that thing is LOUD) drowning out the nastiness beside me with the voice of a bus driver who had just pulled into the station for lunch and discovered that his lone passenger was an elderly woman who had recently had a stroke and was rather confused about who she was and where she lived. The driver had managed to obtain her address and was calling the supervisor to request permission to spend his lunch break driving the lady home. My ears were in shock at this point. Here was a regular everyday Joe willing to spend his break time ferrying a lady home. I had a hard time believing I hadn’t crossed over the big rainbow in the sky at this point. And yet there it was for all to hear (though admittedly no one seemed to be listening except the two cranky pants I mentioned earlier and all they had to say on the matter were disparaging remarks about how loud the radio was and that the driver should get a hearing aid. (as a matter of course they might have looked a little closer at the drivers radio…no volume controls) But despite the evidence that some people need a lollipop of happiness shoved where it might do some good, I must say that was one of my favorite bus rides ever (though the two hours trapped on a bus in the middle of a bridge with the bus driver who sang broadway show tunes to keep us amused is still número uno)


There are some times in this world I really have to accept the weight of my fabulous hypocrisy hat and really wonder about some people. Now I know that I am neither the most normal or politically correct of persons but every so often I meet someone that frightens even me. Upon arriving at work I was waiting for the superintendent of the building to meet me and provide me my keys when a fellow came walking down the hall and stopped right beside me. While this act is remarkable in itself (i never see anyone on the floors during rounds) it was the fellow’s entire carriage that drew my attention to him. His eyes were bulging like a man being consistently kicked in the stomach, his shirt/pants combo was just a hair off and he seemed to not be moving a single muscle in his head or upper body when he walked (add to this the fact that he was cradling a small clear packet of rather smashed cookies like it was his first born child and you get an idea of why I was looking a little askance at the poor fellow) He observed me a moment and then asked in a voice that was pitched just a hair off of where most voices were “where’s what’s-his-name” I blinked slightly as I tried to puzzle that one out and was saved from the mystery of who what’s-his-name was by the gentleman’s next rapid question “Did you ring?” I started to ask what he meant before realizing he must be meaning the doorbell for the office out front of which I was standing. I nodded “Yes I knocked” He stared at me like I had just addressed him in fluent Klingon “you did what?” I blinked and repeated myself. Receiving yet another uncomprehending stare and satisfied I wasn’t actually speaking klingon without my own knowledge I changed tactics “yes I did ring” He smiled and nodded “ah good” and then he rang the damn bell!

Completely befuddled by this fellow we engaged in odd and rather one sided small talk for a few moments. And then he began to pace, remarking every time he heard the smallest noise “here’s ****….oh I hear him…..oh there he is!” (needless to say none of the noises were made by the person we were both waiting for) 

I could describe at further length length the oddities of the fellow I found myself stuck with in that hallway and the 15 minutes I spent with him in the hallway but I think I can succinctly sum it up in four words.

Some people scare me

And that was my week dear readers. Next week I promise to make notes because I know there were about three more things I had originally planned to add but seemingly they ran away (bad ABI!)

Stay tuned and thanks again for listening to the muttered musings of the unmuffled mind 🙂


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