The Week In Review

Posted: 06/06/2012 by erichblayde in Drag Queen, It Gets Better, Life Lessons, The Week In Review

Ah, the passing of another seven days, this week heralded both bitterness and sweet success and was, as always, action packed

So without further ado let us part the misty veils of the past and dive into the sunlight waters of Review Bay(why the hell I always pick water analogies for the review intro I will never know)


Sadly today heralded the ending of my relationship with my lovely partner. Thankfully that ending came not as a firey expulsion of ill will or even as a parting of the ways. Rather we both discussed matters at hand and decided that we were indeed far too dissimilar to suceed as a couple and would rather remain fast friends. My darling you will be sorely missed but I am glad we can remain friends


Books. Books books books books….oh my god books. And Kinsey. Why does every frigging acedemic gay book written in the last three decades HAVE to contain Kinsey?! The man was an idiot, an ass, andCOMPLETELY wrong! Thankfully I did not have to face the Kinsey onslaught on my own, the fabulous My Buddy came over to assist tremendously in the sorting and categorizing of the newly minted Harvey Milk Memorial Library Collection.

Also of note today I gained a new drag daughter! (oh dear heavens another one) Stay tuned to the blog for updates on the fabulous exploits of my newest false eyelashed progeny


Mother Nature is apparently undergoing the monthly rigors of “that feminine problem” today. Early this morning there was a full 15 minute period of sun, rain, snow and wind all at the same instant. I have yet to determine exactly how in Christ’s oft defamed name it can be sunny and snowing and raining all at the same time considering that both snow and rain come from clouds which, if present block out the bloody sun!


Sometimes you just need to headdesk and go to bed


What can I say? More work drama emphatically annulled by amazing people who are willing to step up and be the very very best friends I could ever ask for.


It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Nope! It’s a baby drag queen! First drag daughter dressing day….you have the basics darling, now we need the blam 🙂


Off to Vancouver today to take care of my little sister while the parental units are out of town. More stress as I make a down to the wire run to WCB headquarters….first thing I see? Improperly marked uneven joins in the metal cover over a drain line constituting a severe trip hazard (I nearly fell on my bloody face). Ummm…fail much?

Needless to say, this was a week I would not choose to repeat for all the tea in china. But in my angst at my troubles I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes

“Out of suffering have emerged the strongest souls; the most massive characters are seared with scars.”
― Kahlil Gibran


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