The Day of Gobble

Posted: 06/06/2012 by erichblayde in A Different Outlook, Human Experience, Humour
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It’s that time of year again. Time to make yet another wobbling groaning trip to the couch complaining of how much you ate merely an hour before you are found with your head buried in the refrigerator sneaking bites off the carcass of the roasted poultry that hides there. Time to stand (or sit depending upon your beliefs) with your loved ones (or be forced to endure your in-laws) and blow a load of smoke about how grateful you are for all these positive things in your life that you were scrambling to think of (or make up) in hurried preparation five minutes previously. 😉 Yes it is indeed that time again folks. It’s the Day of Gobble.

Someone mentioned to me yesterday a delightful photograph they had been sent on Facebook. In it there is a traditionally dressed member of the First Nations leading a donkey. The caption at the bottom reads “If the first gift had been a donkey, we’d all be getting a piece of ass today” This example sums up how this holiday is treated in my little world. Thanksgiving (as you all call it) is a holiday for irreverence, debauchery, or indifference for me. I firmly agree with the intent and message of having a day of thanks, but, as I am not one that is often found deporting myself in the ways expected by popular culture, I have taken a rather different tack.

You see, I try my very best to be grateful for what I have every day I have it, I try my very best to thank those to whom I am in debt for their actions on the day the action for which I am in their debt takes place. I don’t feel that we should save up all our little platitudes and gratitudes for a whole year. We should be living Thanksgiving (or at least making an honest effort at doing such) every damn day of our lives.

And really, when I honestly look at it, yes I am grateful to have had the opportunity to share some of the past days of Gobble with my family. Yes I did sit there and speak my “thankfuls” for the year, and I enjoyed engaging in that tradition with my familial unit.

But it’s not something I think, to make a habit of.

Life’s too short to spend it playing by yet another rule. It’s also too short to risk waiting a year to say something.

So go ahead, cook your gobble, mash your assorted tubers, and fill your horn with plenty. Just don’t forget to do the same things in your heart each and every day of the intervening year.

Now excuse me, I have an appointment with a doctor to have this tongue removed from my cheek.


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