Rants And Raves – Medical Edition

Posted: 06/06/2012 by erichblayde in Rants And Raves, Sarcastic Syntax
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Sunday, fine day Sunday. And why’s that dear readers? (“no post on Sundays” isn’t the correct answer Harry Potter fans)

It’s time for another edition of Rants and Raves.

This time I am taking aim at hospitals, doctors and any other medical professional that seemingly skipped their sensitivity training. As always if you have a rant or rave to add to the pile on this topic or any other, please email leatherboiproductions@gmail.com with the subject heading Rants And Raves.

And now for the substance of today’s little chat.

Rant – To the radiologists and imaging technicians that think they can get away with pointed questions and insensitive remarks because of their position I have to say you all need your heads examined.” (pun fully intended) if someone has a massive note on their file saying that they are a female to male transexual who lives life as a man DO NOT repeatedly call them “ma’am”! And by the same token if the individual has that huge note on their file saying they are a man and live as such despite their biological status at birth, you can probably skip asking them if they are pregnant (just a thought) Those of you who steadfastly refuse to allow trans folk the respect we deserve and make every imaging appointment our own private nightmare I have to say, I hope your CAT machine eats you.

Rave – To every medical technician everywhere that actually paid attention in sensitivity training and now goes out of their way to read the special notes section of the chart and provide a comfortable, welcoming, non judgmental atmosphere for us. Please beat your less enlightened colleagues with a bed pan.

Rant – To every doctor that has ever kicked a trans or gay person out of their office for religious reasons, how fucking dare you. You claim the highest of moral standards as a follower of whatever religion you follow and yet you think it is acceptable to treat some members of society as worth less than animals. Perhaps if you suffered the torments your purported messiahs did, you would be more godly and less fucking ignorant! Fuck you Doctor Religious Nutcase…up the ass with a speculum

Rave – To the countless lawyers that have donated so many thousands of pro bono hours and such teeth gnashingly determined effort to fight for the across the board access to personal safety, validation and contentious care that is denied to so many. You are true warriors and my personal heroes.

Rant – To the paramedics who worked valiantly to save the life of a trans lady attacked in New York some years ago and then unconscionably ceased working to save her life when one paramedic discovered she was still biologically male, I have no words to describe the utter disgust and horror I feel in my heart for you. You are as much her killers as the sick fuck who attacked her in the first place.

Rave – To every trans, queer, gay, lesbian, genderfuck and other who had the courage to stand up, tell the asshole medical system to shove it up their ass and to treat them with a little respect, go you!

Rant – Um, excuse me? You, the indecently stupid front desk clerk (what do they call them these days? “Medical Assistants” or some fucking ridiculous thing) who seems to be completely incapable of understanding when someone hasn’t been able to legally change their name yet. (seriously what the hell do they teach these kids in school nowadays?) Why the fuck did you THINK it was called Gender Dysphoria!?!? Perhaps because our true self is DYSPHORIC from that of our gender maybe?!? You are the reason my species disappoints me.

Rave – To every doctor that did not specifically train to be a trans physician but who eventually makes the choice to educate themselves and provide services to their trans patients rather than sending them away from the familiar. Your openminded dedication to the primary values of your profession brings a tear to my eye and leaves me speechless with wonderful hope for the medical profession

I think I shall end all the ranting and raving on that uplifting and positive note dear readers. ‘Til next time, take care of each other and may your blankets always be warmed, your jello cherry flavored and your x-rays crystal clear


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