My Buddy

Posted: 06/06/2012 by erichblayde in Friends, Human Experience, Life Lessons, Two-Fer Tuesday
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**IMPORTANT BLOG NOTICE THINGY** I think it a good thing to add some more theme to the blog with the introduction of a new weekly tradition “Two-fer Tuesday” (not very bloody original is it) but I am sure you get the concept. Every Tuesday you get a bonus blast of Muttered Musings in the form of a second blog post!(Insert wild applause or screams of terror here.)

For today’s bonus we are going to talk about the people who inspire. Oh not in the way you might think dear readers, you won’t find mention of Ghandi or Kahlil Gibran in this entry (though you will most likely find them in others somewhere along the Unmuffled road) No dear readers, today we are going to talk about the everyday inspirations, which for me lately has been a fellow I am proud to have dubbed as My Buddy.

My Buddy is not famous (though perhaps in his own mind the case is different) He is not extraordinarily wealthy nor is he an inspiration of the fire-breathing prophet variety.

He is simply a man. The difference between the rest of the male species and this particular specimen is what he does with his time.

Like many others My Buddy is a full time student, now anyone who has endured the rigors of post secondary education knows that full time academic study is nearly two full time jobs in itself. And yet My Buddy finds the time to run (with a lovely co-leader) the local gay youth group. He also finds time to co chair a local QSA (queer-straight alliance) and pester the school board to remove their heads from places that particular part of the body should not be and fulfill their duty to provide safety and support to queer youth. And that is only a few of his many activities. The thing is? None of that is what makes him such a remarkable individual (though it is in itself inspiring)

What sets My Buddy at the head of the pack is his never-ending humanity.

My Buddy is one of those folks who always makes time. It might not be today, it might not be tomorrow but he does make time for people and (at least in my case) he always makes you feel you’re worth it. My Buddy’s single most amazing talent is the extraordinary gift of connection. This is a fellow that I think could connect with anyone you threw in his path. Oh he may not agree with them, he may even harbor dislike of them, but he intrinsically connects to whomever he is speaking to and provides a warm, safe, positive audience for the sharing of information.

In the past week and a half I have been working quite closely with My Buddy on a couple of different projects and he hasn’t yet ceased to amaze me. Aside from being a fount of knowledge on many different topics My Buddy has a extraordinary talent for listening to peoples ideas and inspiring them to do better. And let’s face it, in modern society a person who possesses not only the intrinsic gift for inspiring people but also the patience and tolerance to get todays morbidly apathetic culture to bloody do anything is a minor gift from the heavens. And he does it all with consummate class and style. (What the hell is this tomfoolery?! He slices, he dices he juliennes….next you’re going to tell me he makes a great party hat too.)

And we all have a My Buddy in our lives. We may not realize it, we may take it for granted but each of us has in our lives that one amazingly unique individual that is a constant source of strength, inspiration and confidence. So to all the My Buddy’s out there (and to mine in particular) Thank you for being you. Your selfless dedication to the improvement of the human race and the support of your friends is an uncountable gift.


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